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Jess Stopa

About me

I love everything Laravel and Vue, and I love preaching the Laravel gospel to those willing to listen. And sometimes also the unwilling. I am a fullstack developer, and I know my way around the various javascript framework-of-the-day (Vue, React etc.). I can take your brilliant design and turn it into a fully functional web/mobile/desktop app with (relative) ease.

I am a certified SCRUM master and believe that agile is the only way to go. I'm also very comfortable in a lead role, and I'm confident that my many years as a developer, is a great benefit in such a position.

I am very motivated when it comes to things that I find interesting, and I enjoy working in an informal environment. I'm always up for a good laugh and a beer with my boss and co-workers.

I'm a technology hungry, byte minded code monkey, with an eagle eye for details, always trying to reach the next level.

By the way, be warned. I have quite a few tattoos. None of which will eat you.



Senior Software Engineer

September 2022 to present

Nordicode creates mission-critical software for a special selection of clients. We aim to reduce the cost for the customer without compromising the quality of the product. We do this by cutting out the middleman, leaving most of software lifecycle in the hands of the developers.


Technical Lead

March 2021 to August 2022

At Adapt I'm the technical lead for the backend team. The team has 10 backenders and together with the frontend and mobile teams, we're creating digital products for a wide variety of clients.


Team Lead

March 2019 to February 2021

At Bærnholdt I was the team lead, having the responsibility of delegating work to primarily external developers, such as outsourced developers in the middle-east as well as local freelancers.



December 2018 to March 2019

I was the owner of Cubicle, a web development company, where I specialized in modern web and hybrid app development. Chances are that if it’s php or JavaScript I can most likely help you out. I do everything from static websites to full blown SaaS solutions.



July 2008 to November 2018

My own private company, through which I'm doing the occasional freelance work for small companies, as well as companies run by my friends and acquaintances.
I have worked mostly with Wordpress and a few MVC frameworks. Also a few of those from-the-ground-up type of deals.


Lead Developer

November 2017 to August 2018

At Ziik I was hired to take over the main responsibility of development of the main platform, as well as managing development and process of mobile apps.
Work includes, but is not limited to, clarification of features while adhering to business needs, sparring with web and app designers, planning of the product roadmap and performing actual development in Laravel and Vue.


Team Lead

September 2016 to October 2017

As team lead at Linkfire I was responsible for managing a team of 5, including acting as scrum master and managing the process of multiple projects simultaneously. Daily work included having standup meetings, sprint planning, sprint reviews as well as doing some development work on different projects, most involving Laravel and Javascript.

Head of Internal Services

November 2015 to August 2016

This time around, at Linkfire, I was responsible for the development of an in-house management platform, that served as an administration interface on top of the customer database. This included creation of new client in the system, pulling usage statistics data and automation of time-consuming tasks. Technologies used were Laravel, mySQL and jQuery.

Cool Gray

Backend Developer

November 2014 to October 2015

At Cool Gray I served mainly as the backend developer, but some projects also included frontend work. Most projects were built on Wordpress, and included professional websites as well as webshops, booking systems and intranet.



February 2014 to October 2014

At my first stint at Linkfire I was acting CTO, taking care of the entire tech side. This included describing, planning, developing and testing of new features, as well as maintenance and optimisation of the servers. The first edition of the platform was built on Zend Framework 2, but later transformed into an API with an Angular SPA built on top.


Lead Developer

March 2013 to January 2014

As I gained more experience as a senior developer, I was promoted lead developer and took on a more decision-making role, leading the team towards a more robust way of doing out daily work.

Senior Developer

December 2007 to February 2013

I was the main developer on a proprietary, licensed custom CMS. The CMS was written in PHP on Zend Framework.
Also did a whole lot of business websites and web based systems, both small medium and large. The sites varied from small portfolio type sites to complex webshops and multi-user websites.


"Jess is a great person to work with, highly skilled, with a solution-oriented attitude, respected among co-workers and customers alike. He enjoys learning new technologies and interpersonal skills, gives serious thought to his own contribution to the team and has a great sense of humor."

Christian Schade

"I had the pleasure of hiring Jess for a role as backend developer on my team at Cool Gray.
Jess is a fixer and a doer. Give him a challenge or a problem and he buckles down and keeps on working on it, until he finds a solution - and continuously a great solution that is.
He was the lead developer on what at the time was the largest digital project Cool Gray had ever undertaken and he solved every aspect with bravour.
He always brings good mood to the team and he is great company both professionally and personally.
Jess has my highest recommendations."

Martin Hyst
Cool Gray

"Jess has a great ability to learn new technologies and apply them in a goal oriented way. He's a lot of fun to have as a colleague and not too shabby a team member as well."

Terji Petersen

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